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Who is OTM?

Operating Theatre Medical

Operating Theatre Medical (Hubei) Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, specializing in non-woven products for medical use and personal protective equipment, such as surgeon gowns, clean air suits, scrub suits, surgeon jackets, patient gowns, visit gowns, shoe covers, caps, face masks and other disposable items.

We have a EN 13485/2016 quality management system and products are according MDR 2017/745 and the PPE Regulation 2016/425.

These above products are designed and manufactured with a high aim for protection, safety and comfort for patients, surgeons, staff and operators.
Our raw materials are carefully studied and chosen to create the best barriers for bacteria, blood and other fluids, in combination with a main concern for comfort and performance.

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OTM is our supplier for medical wear.
For years we can deliver high quality
products to our customers.