Disposable Surgical
Face Mask

A surgical face mask is a medical device covering the mouth, nose and chin ensuring a barrier that limits the transmission of an infective agent between the staff, surgeon and the patient.

Our surgical masks have 3 different layers:
1. Polypropylene - inner layer
2. Meltblown - middle layer (pp filter which creates the barrier)
3. Polypropylene - outer layer

In Europe, surgical face masks have to be labelled with a CE mark and meet the construction, design and performance requirements as described in EN14683 (2019) - Surgical face masks | requirements and test methods.

The performance levels of the mask have to be assessed on the finished product and in relation to their final use.

EN14683 defines 4 tests to classify the masks into different types (I, IR, II, IIR):

- Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (%)
- Breathability (Delta P) Pa/ cm2
- Resistance to penetration by synthetic blood
Splash test - mm Hg
- Microbial cleanliness

Available colours:

STU 2691


TYPE II luxury

TYPE II essential

TYPE II basic

TYPE IIR luxury

TYPE I BFE > 95%